Apply for Arbitration

Apply for Arbitration

To commence arbitration under the Law Society Arbitration Scheme (LSAS), the party initiating arbitration proceedings shall deliver to the other party a Notice of Arbitration stating their intention to commence arbitration proceedings under the LSAS Rules.

A copy of the Notice of Arbitration shall be delivered at the same time to The Law Society of Singapore via

The Notice of Arbitration shall include:

  • The names and mailing addresses of the parties to the dispute;
  • A short statement that parties are in dispute over a matter which is to be identified in brief terms;
  • Reference to the agreement by which the dispute is to be arbitrated under these LSAS Rules;
  • The names and professional details of 3 individuals nominated by the claimant as candidates for the role of single arbitrator of the dispute;
  • A copy of the arbitration agreement; and
  • A comprehensive Statement of Case signed by or on behalf of the claimant.

The copy of the Notice of Arbitration delivered to The Law Society shall be accompanied by a cheque drawn in favour of ‘The Law Society of Singapore’ in such sum as may from time to time be prescribed by The Law Society as the fee for commencing arbitration under these LSAS Rules.

To download the Notice of Arbitration, please click here.