The Law Society of Singapore’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Schemes

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Are you involved in a legal dispute? The Law Society Singapore offers a range of alternative dispute resolution (‘ADR’) schemes to lawyers and their clients as well as to members of the public.

Law Society Mediation Scheme (‘LSMS’)

Law Society Arbitration Scheme (‘LSAS’)

Law Society Neutral Evaluation and Determination Scheme (‘LSNEDS’)

Overview of our ADR schemes

SchemeKey FeaturesBenefits
Law Society Arbitration Scheme
Appoint an arbitrator to make a final decision on the dispute (usually someone who has specialised knowledge and experience in a particular field or industry)
Decision made is final and binding. Award rendered is enforceable in over 150 countries.

Private and confidential.
Parties who wish to enforce the award in other countries.

Confidentiality is maintained during the dispute and the proceedings.
Law Society Mediation Scheme
Appoint a mediator to facilitate the negotiation between parties to arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution
Parties are directly involved in the decision making process so that they have a better control over the outcome.

Private and confidential.
Preserving the relationship between parties.

Preventing minor disputes from escalating.

Parties who are looking for a quick and cost-effective way.
Law Society Neutral Evaluation and Determination Scheme

Neutral Evaluation
Appoint a neutral to evaluate the dispute for parties to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own cases

Neutral Determination
Appoint a neutral to decide the dispute temporarily. If either party is unhappy with that decision, he/she can apply to an arbitrator or a court for a fresh decision.

Neutral Evaluation
Advice given is non-binding. Parties can use the evaluation to know where they stand.

Private and confidential.

Neutral Determination
Allows a dispute to be temporarily resolved in a quick and cost-effective way.

Private and confidential.

Neutral Evaluation
Preserving the relationship between parties.

Parties who wish to use the evaluation to decide on the next step.

Neutral Determination
Parties who want a temporary determination of their dispute quickly, whilst preserving the right to obtain a final resolution through arbitration or court proceedings.

Benefits of Law Society’s ADR Schemes

The Law Society’s alternative dispute resolution schemes provides options for parties to resolve their disputes out of court.

It has become a popular choice for resolving disputes domestically and globally because it can help parties save time and costs as well as achieve better outcomes. Our goal is to promote alternative dispute resolution to facilitate public access to good quality justice at affordable rates.

Highly Professional Panellists

All our panels consist of experienced, accredited practitioners with industry-specific knowledge. Some are also senior counsel, former judges or former judicial commissioners.

Speedy Resolution Process

Our schemes are designed to resolve your disputes quickly and efficiently. For example, our arbitration scheme resolves disputes within 120 days as far as practicable.

Friendly Fee Structure

We believe that any man on the street and even SMEs should have access to good quality justice at affordable prices.

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